Skyhigh Manpower Recruitment International Inc. (SMRII)

SKYHIGH Manpower Recruitment Int’l. Inc. (SMRII) is a licensed, privately-owned recruitment and placement company based in Manila, Philippines. We are a newly established company mainly focused to provide excellent manpower deployment services to companies throughout the world - in neighboring Asian countries, Middle East, Europe, USA and its territories. As our name says, our aim is to provide Sky-high quality of service to clients and applicants with our sophisticated system and our management expertise. The main selling point of SMRII is the combined experiences of the whole team members and management, mostly more than 20 years of experience in the manpower recruitment industry with each member having great contribution in the creation of this organization and the system that is one of a kind and was studied and planned carefully.

As SMRII confidence in the versatility and industry of the Filipino talents and workmanship and the desire to uplift the lives of their families, are the very reason why we created this organization. Our quality assurance is borne by our appreciation of the importance of a systematic program of selection and placement of human resources allowing us to get down to the vital details of our clients' manpower demands and letting us customize and be flexible on our services to each of the clients' needs. We always put the interest of our clients FIRST.

Commitment to quality service and responsive professionalism are SKYHIGH’s brand of service.

SMRII is deemed to conquer the manpower recruitment industry with the honesty, great service, commitment to fellow Filipinos and to the country even more committed to delivering world class productivity and quality service to its clients and applicants.

Our Objective

To be able to put up a Manpower Agency in the Philippines in order to process visa at the lowest cost possible and provide employers qualified personnel to cater their needs for manpower with best quality service and reliable staff.

Our Mission

To manage the business with the spirit of responsible stewardship and professionalism with ethics and reliable trusted services. To align the business of Skyhigh Manpower Recruitment Int’l Inc. with national goals aiming not only for adequate profit and growth but also for contribution to national development and economic prosperity. To commit and pledge the company’s resource to a continued quest for service excellence with world-class quality services.

Our Vision

To be part of the top manpower companies in providing best service to applicants for their deployment abroad as well as provide employers an option to have a convenient way of acquiring manpower from the Philippines.